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How is Social Media Advertising different from Pay Per Click advertising platforms?

Many of us use social media platforms and have experienced the advertisements that seem to read our thoughts. We may not even recall searching for an item and, there it is, in an ad, waiting for us to click and buy. If you have never never given the marketing possibilities of Social Media Advertising any thought, as a business owner, you need to stop what you’re doing and pay attention. Even if this requires you to seek social media help, don’t shy away from an opportunity simply due to it being unknown to you. According to Our World in Data, As of 2018, Facebook alone had over 2.26 billion worldwide monthly users! YouTube came in second at a whopping 1.9 billion monthly active users followed by a variety of other social media sites, all actively engaging with your potential customers daily. The top 11 social media platforms used are:


  • Facebook (2.26 billion monthly users)
  • YouTube (1.9 Billion monthly users)
  • Instagram (1 Billion monthly users)
  • WeChat (1 Billion monthly users)
  • Tumblr (624 million monthly users)
  • TikTok (500 Million  monthly users)
  • Weibo (431 Million monthly users)
  • Google+ (430 Million monthly users)
  • Reddit (355 Million monthly users)
  • Twitter (329.5 Million monthly users)
  • Pinterest (246.5 Million monthly users)



Social Media Advertising targets customer interests, helping customers find businesses based purely on how they are behaving online and interests they have shown. Think about when joining an online social media site- the interest questions and liked pages give marketing a huge amount of information. This helps target advertisements directly to a potential customer.

Pay Per Click Advertisements (PPC), on the other hand, target specific keywords. Google Adwords, for example, is one of the largest Pay Per Click sites simply due to the volume of searches done each minute. Adwords, as with any pay per click campaign, charges the business owner for the use of specific, entered keywords. It is equally effective as far as getting your message out to the general public, but Pay Per Click Marketing can get very pricey, very quickly if not managed properly and will not necessarily target people who have shown interest in your service or sale items. 

Both advertising methods are effective and both are a financial investment for your business, but using social media with proper Social Media Management can provide a much more focused return on investment (ROI) for less out of pocket expense, when done properly.  

Why use social media advertising?

As stated above, social media advertising brings customers to you who are already interested in your specific, targeted services. The pure number of people any advertisement can reach in a relatively short period of time is astronomical! Imagine creating a billboard and every person seeing your billboard has already shown they are interested in knowing more. If done properly, the return on investment is incredible and quick! To enhance success, there are many tried and true ways to set up and display the ad, while interacting with the social media platform. Hiring a social media specialist to assist with providing you Social media help will save time, money, and frustration. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t initially realize they need this support and, as with Pay Per Click advertising, small mistakes can have a domino effect on the planned timeline and budget for success. To create an appealing, directed, seamless advertisement that will get the attention of your target masses, your company should look into hiring a digital marketing solutions company, such as PopOff Marketing. Having a strong social media presence is vital to the success of social media marketing campaigns. 

How PopOff Marketing can help with your Social Media Management

Any method of digital advertising can be very time consuming and frustrating, especially when doing it alone. PopOff Marketing has the expertise and know-how to get advertisements producing results quickly and easily. Our Social Media Management team has been trained to alleviate the time burden put on owners with posting, updating, and responding to everything on your specified social media platform(s). PopOff stays up to date with the pages we run, along with the many frequent changes, so you don’t have to and prides itself on providing Social Media help for businesses, streamlining processes and getting results. Our social media specialist will keep you continually in the loop, providing analytical reports, ad costs, and return on investments. As a business owner, you should have a partner in maintaining and streamlining your social media management and any additional digital marketing solutions needed to enhance success. PopOff’s consultants are second to none and can’t wait to help your business soar!

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