Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. For most of us, these words initially hold little meaning, but for a business owner, finding an SEO company to enhance your website, such as PopOff Marketing, can be the difference between just getting by and skyrocketing to success. So, what exactly is SEO? Most companies have a website that highlights their specific services offered. A customer needing a service will search the internet on a search engine of their choice and it is your hope that your site comes up in that search. 

What is the difference between companies on the first page of search results and those buried pages and pages down? Are the companies on the first page necessarily the best companies? Both answers have to do with SEO. You see, when you hire a professional SEO company, your website gets assigned to a Digital Marketing Analyst to evaluate its strength, backlinks, and power. Once the website has been evaluated, the SEO company will know exactly what to do to begin to move your website up in the rankings, making you more visible than your competitors. Websites on the first and second pages of search engine results are not necessarily the best companies, but their websites have the most power behind them, pushing them to the top. It can almost be guaranteed that SEO help had a huge part of that success as most websites are not powerful on their own.

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How can an SEO company help you?

Years ago, when in need of a service, people would simply look directly in a phone book or ask friends and neighbors who to call. They would then take that recommendation, call the company, and- as long as they did a good job- that company would have their business for the life of servicing that need. The world has changed. According to Pew Research Center statistics, in the year 2000, only 52% of adults reported they use the internet. In 2019, that number skyrocketed to 90% of adults using the internet. Owning a business in the modern world requires a strong online presence!

Asking our family and friends is still, of course, is one of the first things we do when in need of a service, but typically, even after asking a friend or family member for a suggestion, potential clients will go online and search for the topic. This allows them to check prices, get additional quotes, and/or evaluate options prior to choosing a company. If the recommended company provides a service, but their site is not listed as a result of those searches, that company might as well be invisible. A local SEO company can help a website become visible again. 

What any business owner needs to understand is that websites are judged by online “web crawlers.” Google, or any number of search engines used, send web crawlers out into the internet to find businesses and see how much about that business is online. The more these web crawlers find around a specified business, the more that business’ website power is boosted. A professional SEO company, such as PopOff,  knows what the web crawlers are looking for and when they provide SEO help to a business, the optimized website can be found more quickly and easily than others. This gives the SEO supported business more credibility than others and, ultimately, moves it toward the top of search result listings. SEO help, done by professional SEO companies, allows the business owner to have a partner supporting their online success!

Finding an affordable SEO Company

SEO can be very expensive if a business is unaware of the process and time needed to get a website visible and on the first or second page of a search engine result. A hired SEO company needs to be fully aware of how to best complete back-end work involving the creation of additional websites, videos, and a multitude of other services. Some “affordable” SEO companies don’t want to do the work needed to organically rank your site, so they rely solely on Facebook advertisements, pay per click, and other additional paid services. These services are fantastic and will rank your site very quickly, but if the SEO company you choose does not also do the organic work, the moment you stop the paid services, your company will fall back out of visibility. 

Finding an affordable SEO company means a business should be shown all options and all results of the work provided. Then, they can then make an educated decision of chosen services to best meet the business needs at the time.

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Why PopOff Marketing is your Number 1 choice!

PopOff Marketing is a nationwide, professional SEO company, offering SEO help and assigning a digital marketing analyst to each of our clients. As one of the top digital marketing agencies for small businesses, your digital marketing analyst will meticulously comb through each part of a potential client’s website and assess web presence and areas needing support. PopOff is an affordable SEO company and does not individually charge for services, but provides bundles of needed services to clients. A business will always have the choice to hire a local SEO company, but, in truth, “local” simply means needing to understand the clientele you serve. Our nationwide company is responsive to the needs of our clients and is continuously researching our client’s local area to best meet the needs of your valued customers.

Unlike other SEO Companies, we offer on and off-page SEO assistance. What this means to a business is not only will PopOff evaluate your company’s website to see where optimization needs to occur, but off-page links will be created, pointing to your site, attracting web crawlers, and organically increasing your site volume. With a great track record of success, PopOff is an affordable SEO company offering a wide variety of services from SEO to local map listings or paid-for advertisements such as Social Media and Google ads. 

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