Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business, or GMB, is a free business listing service offered by Google to help businesses market a provided service in a provided location. To do this, a business must apply for a GMB, then Google will verify the physical business address given by sending out a postcard containing important verification information. Once the provided location is verified, the business will be added to the Google Map Listing and appear in Google search results for that specified location. For example, we have all used our phones at one point or another to search for something around where we are located, such as a mechanic or pizza. Once the search has been submitted, Google geolocates the customer and searches for businesses listed on their GMB service pages in that area to provide the customer with search results. Any business that has not yet registered for a GMB, will not be named in the Google search results.

How do I use my Google Business Listing?

It is important for a business to keep up to date with their Google Business listing and the information it provides to potential customers. Oftentimes, a business may change the hours of service or even change locations. These changes should be updated on the free business listing site as quickly as possible. To do this, business owners must go online, find their Google Business Listing, and edit their information. Please be aware that if the physical location of a business has changed, Google will send out a new location verification postcard to re-verify the company’s address. 

Often, due to businesses not updating their physical locations, Google my business help is required. The new business must report that the business listed is no longer at the given location and reverify their business as being the new occupant of the space. Once corrected, not only will the Google Business Listing be updated, but also the Google Map Listing. Having a digital marketing agency to assist in this process takes the burden off the affected company and provides support to correct the problem.  

Why use Digital Marketing Agency Assistance?

It might be assumed that once a GMB has been created, there is no longer a need for the assistance of a digital marketing agency. This could not be farther from the truth. Your customer attainment and retention does not simply end once a business has been verified, ensuring a free business listing and Google map listing on Google. Having a free business listing, such as a GMB, opens doors, but it does not keep the customer in the room. Having a digital marketing agency allows the business website to be enhanced and optimized, keeping your business visible to potential customers. If a potential customer finds your business through Google and your business’ web design is lackluster and difficult to navigate, that customer will not choose you over your competitors.

PopOff Marketing- Premier Google my Business Help Professionals

For assistance with promoting your business- whether through GMBs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or other marketing strategies- PopOff Marketing is second to none! PopOff prides itself on staying up to date and ahead of the curve on all of Google’s frequent changes. Many business owners will set up their Google Business listing then let it sit without giving it attention. GMBs may be a free business listing, but it is a powerful force when used properly. PopOff picks up the slack many businesses leave behind by staying active with it and providing support in: 

  • Page completion – many businesses will not complete their GMB listing or may have incomplete webpages, a lack of photos, etc. PopOff will assist in the completion of these things to get your business on top!
  • Continuous active posting – this allows you to appear active, rakning your business above others. 
  • Gathering reviews – GMB reviews are vital to GBM success. Power comes in success stories of previous clients. There are many strategies available to assist a business in getting previous or current customers to review you business and PopOff knows them all
  • Managing responses – Staying active with the responses shows a business who cares about customers. It also shows Google you are interacting with the GB account, boosting power to your page.
  • Keeping your site as updated as possible – This was discussed above, but is very important! For obvious reasons, the last thing you want is for a possible client to be on your Google Business Listing and have the wrong information.

 A well supported GMB, along with proper SEO, can catapult your business to the top of a search engine result page far faster than SEO, GMB, or any other marketing strategy alone.

 Let PopOff help you succeed where others are not!