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Have you been spending money on Google ads to boost your sales without any positive results or no result at all? Probably you don’t have the expertise, not using the right keywords or your Google ads are not being handled by professionals. You don’t need to give up. PopOff digital marketing agency will handle all your Google ads and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising to achieve your short and long term marketing goals.

Getting profitable results from Google ads depends on how it is being handled. Using the right keywords and designs are critical to successful and PPC advertising. Millions of searches are processed by Google each day, it is becoming more important to ensure your brand is visible online. Our marketing consultants will help you create effective ads that will increase your brand recognition, online traffic, and generate more sales. 
What We Do

As one of the topmost Google Ads Certified Professional and ppc consultant, we provide comprehensive Google ads, monitor your campaign and make necessary adjustments to improve your marketing.  As a PPC specialist, PopOff knows how important it is to attract potential buyers and keep existing ones. We know exactly what to do to ensure that your ads not only show up Google’s first page but also on other search engines. 

Our PPC consultants have worked with clients across different industries and have managed each ad campaign successfully. We employ the power of creative digital marketing to promote our client’s brand and in turn generate more leads for our customers.

When your ads talk about the important aspect of your business, it gives your target audience quick insight into what you do. We understand that the first impression your brand makes matters a lot, so we create captivating and engaging pay per click lead generation ads that answer any urgent questions a prospective customer might want to ask, prompting a potential business deal with you.

Whether you want to boost or improve your existing Pay Per Click lead generation campaigns or start a fresh campaign, we are the right digital marketing agency to consult. We are conscious of the competition in PPC advertising, our team of digital consultants will work with you to know your target audience, business profile and design a plan that will make your business dominates search engines and increase your conversion rates. We know the secret to achieve that!​
Why You Should Contact Us?

  • We don’t switch off after creating your ads campaigns. Our PPC consultants monitor and manage to ensure that your campaigns continuously improve and keep generating sales.
  • We track conversions to measure ROI on ads.
  • We have extensive knowledge of Google and other search platforms that will help you to maximize your return on investments.
  • We create attractive and specific campaigns based on in-depth research and analysis of your business, competitors and industry trends.
  • We service local and national clients, ensuring your PPC campaigns are top of Google search result.
  • We will create and manage your landing page from where your customers can make their orders. ​

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