Give & Grow

When was the last time your business was able to continually donate to a charity? With the world being what it is today, we all should be striving to contribute to our communities and serving our fellow man. Many times, it’s not as simple as donating to a cause once or twice. To make a lasting impact, we need to donate continuously. Successful businesses spend money to make money and, unfortunately, after expenses, there is often little left over to donate to others. Why should it come down to helping your fellow man or promoting your services? What if you could promote your business and build up your community? What if you could pay for you needed marketing and help a cause near and dear to you heart?

When we break down business expenditures, marketing is one of the top expenses for most successful companies. With the internet being what it is, the number of new competitors to any business is unlike any other time in history. A quick internet search can pull up your business and your top 5 competitors instantly. Realistically, without spending money on advertising, it is a struggle for any business, small or large. Bluntly, marketing can make or break a business and, without it, many won’t make it. Advertising is expensive, but it is an absolute necessity for success! Depending on the advertising needs for the month, there is often little to no additional revenue remaining to be able to allocate anything to a charitable cause. We would like to change that.

Give & Grow, PopOff Marketing’s charitable contribution program, is a business solution like no other! At Give & Grow, we believe a rising tide raises all ships and running a business well should allow for continuous donations, helping our neighbors near and far. It is with this philosophy that we have created a way to raise everyone up, together. We have been tirelessly working and can proudly say we have built solid, lasting relationships with a multitude of charities such as:

» St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

» Wounded Warrior Project

» Habitat for Humanity

» World Wildlife Foundation

» Make a Wish Foundation

» The Bridge of Hope

» Covenant House

» Adult & Teen Challenge

» National CASA GAL

» Fisher Center For Alzheimer’s Research Foundation

and many others…

If your foundation is not listed, don’t worry, we will go above and beyond to connect with your charity, ensuring your money goes to the charity of your choice.

Businesses use marketing companies regardless, but there is always a choice in the company you choose to fulfill your marketing service needs. When you sign up with Give & Grow, PopOff Marketing, a portion of your monthly fee goes directly to the charity closest to your heart. It is a win/win for everyone involved, allowing you as the business to get the marketing you need, while giving back to your community. The choice is yours. It is the vision of Give & Grow, PopOff Marketing’s charitable contribution program, to convince all business owners that giving and receiving should not be a holiday event, but a sustainable lifestyle. 

Being that your business will be spending on marketing this year anyway, why not spend with a purpose?